Our Club

Our newest addition is Zed Sports Club – the beating heart of our entire project lying on 40 Fedan.

Its landscape and architecture blends perfectly to form the perfect arrangement and surrounding for everyone that passes through it.

Around our masterplan, Zed Sports Club has a perfect landscape providing cycling, walking and running paths that are for car-free movements.

The Club includes top-notch facilities for all people who enjoys sports or simply a nice time with friends.

Our facilities include a football complex, martial arts complex, multipurpose complex, racket complex, swimming complex and a clubhouse that has cafes, businesses lounge and restaurants.

Our Philosophy

ZED is focusing on youth first and foremost in a really special way as they are an integral part of our society. There is great potential in the country and ZED is aiming to make the most of its youth development, to become the stars of tomorrow and take on the world.

We believe sports is the perfect way to create a sense of community within the youth and it’s extremely beneficial to both their physical and psychological health, positively affecting their education in the process. Sports positively enhances people’s mood and mind sets which affect their progress in other aspects of their life. We think by focusing on sports we will create a generation of strong-willed and healthy individuals who will lead our society towards greatness.

Our Vision

To become the best sports club in the country and region for anyone that wants to embetter his life through sports or socially.

This is translated into an actionable mission that provides world class, state-of-the-art facilities through relentless pursuit of Innovation to enable everyone to become the best version of themselves. Our role is to provide the spark for them to “SPARK GREATNESS”

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